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SKAJAA Architecture Office is a Norwegian practice founded in 2018 by Joakim Skajaa. The office makes simple, eclectic spaces and generous buildings of all sizes. We collaborate with a wide range of disciplines and our projects are divided among many formats from publications to exhibitions and buildings.

The office is founded in a strong belief in architecture as a way of mediating the context in a meaningful way. Christian Norberg-Schulz writes about this relationship:

...a relationship that is at the same time practical, theoretical and poetic. Man cultivate the earth, acknowledge the laws of nature and sing about the beauty of a place. These enterprises walk hand in hand - because it's impossible to take care of something that one hasn't experienced and to some degree understood. When cultivation becomes exploitation it's not necessarily because of greed but of a lack of knowledge. … It is the poetic experience, the joy of being here, that is the defining moment in our relationship to the natural surroundings.

We want to create generous relationships between men and context through an architecture that is both beautiful and practical, theoretical and material.

Joakim Skajaa is a norwegian architect educated at the School of Architecture in Bergen. In 2009 he founded the practice Eriksen Skajaa Arkitekter with Arild Eriksen in Oslo. He has, through practice and teaching, engaged in participatory processes, alternative housing models, public space, urban justice and urban ecology. He has worked on a range of projects in different scales, built and unbuilt. During the last decade he has participated in publications, debates and exhibitions. He writes about architecture in magazines, books and online and teaches at the School of Architecture in Bergen and the School of Architecture and design in Oslo. He is currently part of a research team working on urban justice in Oslo.

Joakim Skajaa is the leader of the Oslo Association of Architects and Vice Dean at the School of Architecture in Bergen.